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Where Do the Labors come form?

Bahamas 1.JPG

Wolf Labor imports people from The Bahamas.  This is specifically advantageous for Agriculture services in the Flordia area.  

Because it is close to home:

  • Initial travel time is short.

  • Morale while working stays comparatively high as they are close to home.

  • The climate is almost identical to what they have grown up with so no acclimation time is needed.

  • The rate of the same labors returning to your business is very high as it is close to their home. 

Tropical Leaves

Who owns Wolf Labor Industries?

Wolf Labor Industries is 100% owned by Jade Bastian.  

Jade is from the Bahamas but has lived in the US for the last 10 years.  She has spent years working with embassy's,  foreign politics, and working with immigrants.  She is the perfect person to ensure that your Adoption of an H-BA workforce goes seamlessly.


Let Jade's Wolfpack carry your load!  

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